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About Us

An exclusive and direct connection to China’s reputable medical supply manufacturers.


How we were teamed up?

Before retiring as a senior director of Pediatrics in 2020, Shu Huang served 33 years as a pediatrician. During her decades-long career, she witnessed the development and progress of China’s medical supply industry have made. At the early stage of her career, she barely saw any quality medical instruments made by a Chinese manufacturer. However, nearly 65% of the items she saw and used every day in her department are made in China, in the last few years of her career as a padiatrician.


As a witness and a beneficiary of such progress of China’s medical supply industry, she realized it’s an opportunity and a responsibility to promote quality medical supplies made in China to the world. And on the other hand, it’s also her mission to connect users like herself to reputable medical supply manufacturers in China for more meaningful buying.  


 So right after she retired, she spoke to her nephew, Bryant Chen who had been working as a marketing manager for a tech company, about her plan to set up a medical supply marketing business.


An agreement was made soon, and Pendox Instruments Co., Ltd was set up shortly in Hongkong.


Not long after, we had the luck to have Eric Chen on our board. Before joining us, Eric had been working as a sales director of Mindray Medical International Limited, one of China’s top 3 medical instrument manufacturers. Eric now plays a critical role in our team, as the Supply Chain Manager. With his abundant knowledge and experience in the medical supply industry, he guarantees the quality and competitiveness of the products we sell here on


By and by, our Logistics Manager Mandy Hong and our Customer Service Director Selena Qin joined in.


So far, we 5 people have teamed up to accomplish a dedicated mission.


What we do as a mission?


We do two things basically as our mission.


One, we strive to promote quality and competitive medical supplies made in China to hospitals, clinics, clinicians, and personal users worldwide.


Two, we help hospitals, clinics, clinicians, and personal users worldwide to source and buy the right medical supplies made in China at the most competitive price, and provide the most dependable services.